The Sky People are distant descendants of the Celestials who because of their long absence from the Sacred Realm have become mortal. They are among the longest lived races on in The Mortal Realm.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Sky People are humanoids that stand between 4' 9" and 5' 6" and generally appear human, including the same variety of skin tones, but have two great white that sprout from their back and allow them flight. They are born with an innate ability to sense infernal presences and the modern generation of Sky People have a lifespace of somewhere between 750-1000 years. Some members of the original rebels against the Sacred Realm still live and 5000 years or more have yet to send them to the Shadow World.


The Sky People were one of the last mortal races to come into being, though to outsiders their origins are still beyond history's reckoning except perhaps in the annals of Elves and Dragons. The Sky People, who call themselves Zenthoi (singular: Zenthas), are the descendants of a group of Celestials which refused to take part in the primevil struggles between the gods and used their powers to found a great citadel in the clouds over the Earth's Navel known as The Sky Citadel. The city is refered to amongst their own kind as Zenthapolis. Within a few generations they had established themselves but lost their Celestial powers and became one of the most influential races in the Mortal Realm to this very day.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Unlike the Celestials who are bound to the Sacred Realm and to their gods' will the Sky People's psychology can run the full gambit of mortal emotion and purpose. However, they are greatly influenced by their heritage and generally have a very hierarchical society wherever they are found. As a whole they also tend to be somewhat tribal in their sentiment and prefer to keep to themselves. The Sky People tend to get along best with Elves who the rulers of The Sky Citadel have a long history of trade and diplomacy with. They tend to have the worst relationships with Infernals and the Celestials because of racial pregidous surrounding their origins.

Distribution: Governments and KingdomsEdit

The majority of Sky People live under the rule of the Council of Zenthoi as subjects of The Sky Citadel and its kingdom in and around Earth's Navel. The Sky Citadel also has founded several colonies in the islands surrounding Earth's Navel.

The only other major populations of Sky People are found in The Kingdom of Farland and The Republic of East Farlia, both found on the north eastern continent of Fellguard. In Farland many of the Sky People live as citizens of the crown in its two prominent cities, Farlish and North Lake. A contingent of the Sky People were part of the Farlian settlers that settled the east valley after the Necromancer War and make up a sizeable population in the Republic of East Farlia.


The Sky People speak their own language, called Zenthanian, which is derived from Celestial. Ancient structures and documents are written in a unique set of hieroglyphs and in an archaic dialect nearly identical to Celestial and they are mutually intelligible when spoken. The more modern dialect of Zenthanian is written in a modified version of the elven script and speakers of the modern dialect, if taught the hieroglyphs, can mutually translate between the modern and ancient writings with only minimal difficulties. It is also not uncommon for the Sky People to know at least one of the elven languages.

Technology and MagicEdit

The Sky People are naturally adept at using magic because of their origins. This manifests not only in the form of natural talent to wield raw magical power but also technical expertise. They keep their fortress, the Sky Citadel, afloat by the use crystalline magical power sources unknown to other races. While not unfamiliar with more modern weaponry, such a the arquebus and pistol, they tend to shy away from such modern innovations because foremost they have no need of them. Long before the human and dwarf creation of such innovations they built massive sky ships and floating colonies in the clouds, armed with lighting powered cannons and other magical defenses. Their tribal nature and reluctance to expand too far into the outside world are the only reason they did not quickly gain dominance in the eastern hemisphere.